End of the Year Advice for Future Students

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Kids love being the expert of all things. So why not have them be the expert of your class, grade level, and you as a teacher! Yes, you heard me. Let them take all that they have learned and be an expert to share advice for future students who will be coming to your class next year. Over the years I have been using this fun writing activity for the end of the year. It is a positive and motivational way to encourage my students to give tips, advice and encouragement to future students.

End of the Year Advice for Future Students

3 Reasons Why you should encourage students to give advice for future students

  1. Who knows you better than your students that have been in your class? They have been with you for an amazing year. You all have grown close and learned throughout the school year. They will know all your quirks and how to succeed in your class. Your students know what happens if you talk during instructions, what happens when you are absent, or when you are human and need that love from them all. They know you!
  2. Your new students are nervous. No matter what anyone says, the beginning of the school year is nerve wracking for all involved. You, parents, and of course your future students. So receiving these positive advice brochures or banners will help smooth it over for all. They will get an insight view to their teacher. They will get advice to succeeding in your class. They will get tips to motivate and encourage them.
  3. They will get a heads up on their year with you. Who wouldn’t love that? I know it is human nature to want to know what to expect, that is why we research, talk to people and get details before major things happen in our lives. This idea is a positive way to help your students feel encouraged about coming to this new grade level and have you as a teacher!

Tips for using the advice for future students brochures and pennants

  1. Before allowing my students to complete these brochures & pennants I would talk them up, talk about how important these are and that they are helping future students.
  2. I would make it known that they need to take pride in their work because their name is on it and someone special will be receiving it.
  3. The brochures have several areas that will take time to complete, so I would allow for some time. If you use the brochures you can leave them out at open house or meet the teacher.
  4. The great thing about the pennants is you can place them in the hallway bulletin allowing all parents and students to read as they walk into meet you.

You can purchase the End of Year Advice Brochures.

If you are interested in the Pennant version you can find it here: End of Year Advice Pennants 


If you are interested in the digital version you can find it here: Digital End of the Year Advice

I hope these activities encourage your students to share some wonderful advice to future students to help them succeed in your class. I know from experience these will be a big hit with all who use and receive them.

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End of the Year Advice for Future Students


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