Ancient Civilizations Research -Ancient Greece, Mayan, Rome, Aztecs, Egyptians


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Ancient Civilizations Research Pennants Print & Go with these Pennants to study: Ancient Greece, Ancient Mayans, Ancient Rome, Ancient Aztecs, Ancient Egyptians, and Ancient Incas! Your students will enjoy researching and using these pennants! Your students will LOVE having these displayed after their research!

Ancient Civilizations Research Pennants Teacher Tips
⚫I would assign students to work on these Ancient Civilizations Research Pennants Individually or in groups.
⚫I would allow students to conduct research at the library or kid safe internet sites.
⚫Students would present to class and learn about other Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations Research Pennants Included
⚫All Pennant come in Black and White
⚫RUBRIC included for grading Research
⚫Teacher recommended websites to use for research
⚫Each pennant has a back side to conduct more research on their civilization.
⚫Ancient Greece
⚫Ancient Mayans
⚫Ancient Romans
⚫Ancient Aztecs
⚫Ancient Egyptians
⚫Ancient Incas
⚫BLANK Sheet for any extra Ancient Civilizations you are studying.

Research Pennants Information
⚫All About Ancient Civilizations
⚫Civilizations Information
⚫Extra Information
⚫Daily Life
⚫BACK of PENNANT:Summary, Way of Life, information

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Ancient Civilizations Research -Ancient Greece, Mayan, Rome, Aztecs, Egyptians