Solar System and Planets Moon Sun Research Activities


Solar System and Planets Research Activities: These Solar System and Planets Research Teach-Go Pennants™ Bulletin Boards templates are excellent tools, both in print and digital, for teaching students about our solar system and its planets. These templates are designed to allow students to conduct research on the planets and display their findings after completing their research. They are perfect for displaying in the classroom!

Products Included in This Bundle:​


Enhance your students’ knowledge about our solar system with these Solar System: Planets, Sun, Moon, and Solar Eclipse Research Teach-Go Pennants™. These templates are a fantastic resource that allows students to conduct research and showcase their findings on a bulletin board for all to learn from.


  • Print & digital options included
  • Color and BW options available
  • Clickable Table of Contents
  • Optional: Planet, Sun, Moon, Eclipse Toppers in color and bw options
  • Grading Rubrics included
  • Extra teacher grading quick notes on all planets, sun, moon and solar eclipse
  • Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, optional dwarf planet Pluto. Blank template for students to draw their planet if they choose to.
    • Research: Planet key information, notes, description and facts
  • Moon and Sun: key information, notes, facts, and description
  • Solar Eclipse perfect for using this year 2024: eclipse tracking, path of totality for the United States, questions and more


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Solar System: Planets, Sun, Moon, and Solar Eclipse Research for upper elementary students

Solar System and Planets Moon Sun Research Activities