Effective Classroom Communication: Newsletters & Calendars

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Building special relationships with parents and guardians is very important and one way is communicating effectively. Sending Communication Newsletters is a resourceful way to communicate about all the wonderful things that are happening in your classroom. The time it takes to contact parents can be overwhelming, but an effective alternative is using digital newsletters and monthly calendars in your classroom. These reasons to build effective classroom communication newsletters will help you get started on adding a newsletter to your classroom today!

Classroom Communication Newsletters & Calendars

Classroom Communication Newsletters: is a great way for you to make announcements

Let your students’ parents and guardians know what is coming up in your classroom. This means classroom events, school events, and even projects and assessments. Parents appreciate being informed of important things going on in the classroom. This not only helps them have conversations with their kids about school; it also aids in planning appointments that take their children away from school.

Announcements can start on Day 1! Let parents and guardians understand classroom procedures and policies, lunch menus and schedules, as well as special events and projects. Let parents know when conferences and school parties are coming up. Don’t rely on all school emails or student handouts in backpacks to let them know.

Classroom Communication Newsletter Templates

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My Top Themed Editable Newsletters and Calendars

I love creating these themed newsletters for teachers to use easily in their classrooms. These are all editable for you to insert your text.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Classroom Communication Newsletters is an effective way to ask for volunteers.

Asking parents to help or provide supplies for your classroom means a lot more when you are communicating through newsletters throughout the year. When you have consistent communication with parents, they’ll be more likely to respond to your requests for help in the classroom or items like school supplies or classroom party treats! Parents love helping teachers, but you have to let them know how they can best support you and the children in your classroom!

Classroom Communication Newsletters helps provide curriculum updates.

What are your students learning in math, science, language arts, or social studies? Share unit objectives or ways to extend their learning at home via your classroom newsletter.

Classroom Communication Newsletters & Calendars


Newsletters are wonderful way to showcase student’s work.

Sure, we send papers and projects home with our students, but how great would it be to show off student work to all parents and guardians? Make sure to include at least one piece from each student throughout the year. Share writing and artwork within your newsletter.

Create your own publication staff.

Your students will love helping publish your class newsletters. Upper elementary students are more adept at technology than ever. Let them show off their skills by writing posts and adding to the classroom newsletter.

Make it simple with editable newsletters.


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Don’t stress out when it comes to sending digital or paper newsletters to parents. Get premade newsletters to send all year long. With weekly and monthly templates and adorable designs, your parents will enjoy getting your newsletters and hearing from you every time!

Build relationships and help communicate from school to home by using classroom newsletters to communicate with your students’ families. Phone calls and personalized emails are important, but communicating a consistent message to all parents and guardians can happen with effective and easy to write newsletters. These reasons to communicate with newsletters are important when building your classroom community beyond the school walls.


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Classroom Communication Newsletter Templates

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