Affordable Classroom Decoration Ideas

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Whether you are getting a new classroom in the fall or updating your theme in your current room, there are so many ways to decorate your student space. If you take the more difficult route, you could spend hours on Pinterest coming up with a theme and then more time (and money) creating and finding materials for the perfect classroom design. Instead of spending too much time and hard-earned cash making your bulletin boards and updating your room, check out these affordable classroom decoration ideas for the new school year ready-to-go and bundled!

Affordable Classroom Decoration Ideas for Elementary Teachers

5 Things to know before Decorating your Classroom

Back to school is a hectic and fun time of the year. One of my favorite parts of the Back to school season is creating an inviting and welcoming environment for my students. I love creating a classroom that represents myself and my students. First, when you are planning or deciding what to do these are some great questions to ask yourself…

  1. What can I afford to budget and spend on my class decor? This is something you should really consider. I always budgeted about $250 for BTS time, including decor, books, bins, storage, extra supplies, and extra expenses. I do not think you need to spend much! Over the years you will start collecting more and you will spend less!
  2. One question I get asked often is: How do I print? I honestly print all my stuff at home using my HP printer and Insta ink (get a free month using this link). And I laminate using this laminator and my stuff lasts forever! You can definitely print at Office Depot or Staples, but I save tons by doing myself and cutting as I go along! For bigger items I would take to Lakeshore.
  3. Where can I find things to use, can I beg, borrow, or should I buy? Lots of teachers love getting hand me downs, shopping discounts and borrowing from friends! I love checking online for deals and steals and of course Amazon has tons!
  4. What theme, or idea do I want to use in my classroom? I honestly recycle my themes and found it reasonable to spend $20-30 a year on an entire theme that will last me all year long. Plus by laminating and really taking care of it you can pass it to another colleague or reuse.
  5. What does my school allow? Will I be able to use all the items I wish to use? Make sure to know what your school allows. Like are you allowed to paint? We were not! Can you hang things from the ceiling? Can you bring in extra furniture- we were not allowed. But knowing these things will give you an idea of what to spend and not spend!

Affordable Classroom Decoration Favorites

Fresh Lemon Farmhouse Classroom Decor: This fun and vibrant set is a top favorite this year. This set makes me so happy! Teachers are loving how happy and colorful with the very modern look! You can shop the entire bundle or just grab the sets that work for your classroom.

Rustic Farmhouse Classroom Decor: This set has been my top theme the past few years and my house is actually decorated with these elements. Teachers are so happy using this theme and you can also purchase the complete bundle with all the elements or choose to pick which elements you want. These theme has a little more because I am constantly adding to it!

Tropical Classroom Decor: These theme is just so happy- I love how vibrant and happy this set has made me feel. This set is brand new and teachers have been excited about all that is included!

These are all functional and fun Classroom Decoration Ideas

Travel Theme Decor Bundle: Even if your students (or you) stayed put over the summer, you can take them on a journey all school year with this incredible travel theme. Where in the world will your students go this year?

Superhero Theme: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a. . .superhero! Everyone can be a hero. Carry that heroic theme in your decor as well with this out of this world superhero theme!

Camping Theme Pine trees, tents, and the moon and stars are some of the artwork that will adorn your bulletin board and walls with this campy theme! Start your year with some “campfire” stories and keep sharing all year long.

Sports Theme: I always like to think of my class as a team, and this theme is perfect to promote teamwork and collaboration even for the non-athletes in the class.

Sailing & Nautical Theme: Sail into a new year with a theme worthy of the seven seas. You’ll love the classic red, white, and blue nautical themed items perfect to set up your room and get ready for the year. Put on your captain’s hat and sail onward!


Some of the Items Included in the Classroom Decoration Bundles

These themes are perfect for any elementary classroom. Check out the other classroom decor themes in my shop along with corresponding newsletters and more!

Here are some of the items you will find in these bundles:

  • Classroom complete set up
  • Large Calendar for Bulletin Board
  • Motivational Posters
  • Alphabet Posters
  • Pennants
  • Welcome Signs
  • Student Desk Signs
  • Labels (varieties)
  • Binder Covers
  • Some Include: Teacher Complete Binders
  • Some Include: Classroom Management Set Up
  • Editable Components
  • Back to School templates


Make setting up your classroom easy and fun with these ready-made classroom decor bundles. This decor not only makes your room look adorable, it also helps you stay organized. Your students will see how the room ties together and know that everything has a place. Whether you’re ready to start your year off with farmhouse decor, pirates, or any of the themes mentioned above, you’ll be ready to go in no time! Enjoy your school year and get decorating!

Affordable Classroom Decoration Tips

  1. Draw out your class set up before you actually start doing it! This will help with time and organization!
  2. Find reasonable places to print and save! I use Insta Ink and save hundreds! I will attach a free month for you to test it out here!
  3. Laminate everything you can! I own a small laminator you can find here, but also check out Lakeshore! They laminate big items for cheap!
  4. Take pictures, I love taking pictures of how it looks, also TAG me on Instagram so I can see your rockstar classrooms!

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Affordable Classroom Decoration Ideas for Elementary Teachers

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