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Dear Teacher Friend,  I am so happy you are here today, being my teacher friend will be fun and I got your back if you need help throughout your school year. I created these Dear Teacher Inspirational Quote Posters to help inspire and motivate you my friends! First I want to promise you 2 things. First, when you are having a day that makes you feel like you won’t get through this, you will… I promise you! And second I promise you that having a group of  teacher besties will be the best thing you can do as a teacher.

Dear Teacher Friend Memes and Quotes

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So how did my Dear Teacher Memes come about? They came about from my teaching experience and really going through a lot in being in the education field for close to 19 years! My last 15 years were the best years in education because I really learned to follow a few of the things I share in these memes today! These are all from my heart and I truly mean it when I share them.

Here are 2 of my favorite Dear Teacher Friend Memes to get me started with the school year.

  • I am always rooting for my teacher friends, and I know you GOT this!
  • Just FYI, Teaching never gets easier, but just like the quote says, we get smarter, stronger and super creative

You can purchase all the Dear Teacher Meme Posters Here

Here are some Dear Teacher Quotes that will help you get through it all…

  • You do not always have to be strong and perfect it is ok to ask for help!
  • And don’t forget surround yourself with some awesome teacher besties to get through it all!


Dear Teacher Friend, Let’s go that extra mile!

These are my favorite student and teacher inspirational quotes are. You need to remember it is OK to go that extra mile and that we are ALWAYS more than a test score!

These quotes help me and all remember we are amazing and even when we feel defeated we are doing this for kids and we are doing our best!

 Here are some quotes to really help you get through those tougher days!

Also, do not forget that when you are feeling burnt out and just tired from it all it is ok to step away and take time off! I call it my Unplugging time!

You can purchase all the Dear Teacher Meme Posters Here



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Teacher Memes and Teacher Quotes


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