December Winter Activities for Upper Elementary Students

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Engaging December and Winter-Themed Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms

December Winter Activities for Upper Elementary Students: December is a magical time in the classroom. As the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter, there’s an air of excitement and anticipation among students.

For teachers in upper elementary grades, this season offers a unique opportunity to incorporate winter-themed activities that are both educational and fun.

Engaging December and Winter-Themed Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms

I love decorating and exploring the holiday season all month. Today, I will share ten ideas to bring the spirit of December and the joy of winter into your classroom while aligning with educational goals.

  • Seasonal Science Experiments: Explore science through winter-themed experiments. For example, study the properties of snow and ice or experiment to see which materials make the best insulators against the cold. These activities can be fun to learn about states of matter, weather, and environmental science.
  • Decorate your Winter Wonderland Classroom: Whether or not you celebrate Christmas or Winter there are so many fun options. Take a peek at these beautiful set ideas here!
  • Winter Wonderland Word Problems: Math can be more engaging when it’s themed around winter. Create word problems involving buying gifts, measuring snowfall, or planning a winter party. This helps students practice their math skills and encourages them to apply these skills in real-world contexts.
  • Creative Writing Prompts: Encourage your students’ creativity with Christmas and winter-themed writing prompts. Ask them to write a story about living in a snow globe or what they would do on a perfect snow day. Or funny prompts that include writing and designing an ugly winter sweater. This enhances their writing skills and allows them to use their imagination. Having students write letters to Santa, create applications to become an elf or reindeer in Santa’s workshop are a few of some others! Take a peek at some here, too!
  • Winter Art Projects: Art projects are a great way to celebrate the season. Students can create snowflakes from paper, design their winter wonderland scenes, or even make holiday cards. These activities are not only fun but also help in developing fine motor skills and creativity.
  • Reading Books, Winter Edition: Transform your reading corner into a cozy winter-themed space. Include books that are related to winter, holidays, and cultural celebrations. This encourages students to read and learn more about different aspects of the winter season. You can even have students read and create these beautiful bulletin boards with these teach-go pennants for so many different books!
  • Winter Solstice Science: Use the winter solstice as a teaching moment. Discuss why it happens, how it affects daylight, and its significance in various cultures. This can be part of a more extensive astronomy and earth science lesson.
  • Write and Perform a Winter Play: Encourage your students to write and perform a short play based on a winter theme. This activity is excellent for developing writing skills, public speaking, and teamwork.
  • Winter Themed Activities: Here are a few of my favorite winter themed activities to use all season long that will engage and help hit those standards while keeping that festive environment alive in your classroom.

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Engaging December and Winter-Themed Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms

December and winter offer many themes and ideas to make learning more engaging and fun. By incorporating these activities into your classroom, you can keep the season’s excitement alive while still focusing on educational goals. Remember, the key is balancing fun with learning, ensuring your students remain engaged and motivated throughout this festive season. Happy teaching!


Engaging December and Winter-Themed Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms


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