Positive Talk Morning Meetings Activities for Upper Elementary Students

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As teachers, we all know that the atmosphere we create in our classrooms can significantly impact our students’ learning experiences and overall well-being. One powerful tool at our disposal is the practice of Positive Talk Morning Meetings. These brief gatherings at the beginning of the school day can set a positive tone, foster emotional development, and strengthen classroom relationships.

As an experienced teacher and parent of three, I emphasize the importance of positivity and a growth mindset in the classroom. If you’re looking for ways to build positive relationships with your students, please continue reading for information on using morning positivity in your classroom.

Positive Talk Morning Meetings Activities for Upper Elementary Students

These positive talk morning meetings involve starting the day with uplifting and encouraging messages, discussions, or activities that set a constructive tone for the rest of the day. Here are some reasons why positive talk morning meetings are beneficial for all students:

1. Boosting Self-Esteem and Growth Mindset

The morning is a vulnerable time for many students. A positive morning talk can help dispel any doubts or anxieties they might have about the day. Teachers can boost students’ self-esteem by offering encouragement and emphasizing individual strengths. Furthermore, these talks can instill a growth mindset, teaching students that challenges are growth opportunities and that their efforts can lead to success. This newfound confidence can profoundly impact their overall attitude toward learning and life.

2. Creating a Positive Classroom Culture

A classroom is not just a space for academics; it is a community where students spend a significant portion of their day. Positive morning talks set the foundation for a healthy and positive classroom culture. When students begin their day with an uplifting message, they are more likely to treat each other with kindness and respect. This promotes a sense of belonging and ensures the classroom becomes a safe and inclusive space for all.

These uplifting Positive Talk Morning Meetings are created with your students in mind. 



  1. Display on your smartboard or class board.
  2. Have students read, reflect and write their thoughts about the statement of the day. These can be kept in a journal or a reflect and write notebook of the day.
  3. You have two option- REFLECT and TALK or REFLECT and WRITE SLIDES.
  4. Writing pages included in 2 formats: 4 to a page and 2 to a page for students to respond.

3. Encouraging Gratitude and Empathy

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can reshape how we perceive the world around us. By incorporating gratitude exercises during morning talks, teachers can encourage students to appreciate the little things in life. Expressing gratitude fosters a sense of contentment and reduces negative emotions. Additionally, morning talks are an ideal platform to discuss empathy and kindness. Students can learn to understand and support each other, nurturing a compassionate classroom community.

4. Improving Focus and Engagement

A calm and positive start to the day can significantly impact students’ focus and engagement in the learning process. When students feel acknowledged and valued during morning talks, they become more attentive and motivated to participate actively in class activities. Positive affirmations and mindfulness exercises can help students center their thoughts, ensuring they are mentally prepared for the day’s challenges.

5. Strengthening Teacher-Student Relationships

Morning talks provide an excellent opportunity for teachers to connect with their students personally. Sharing personal experiences, triumphs, and challenges during these talks can foster a stronger bond between educators and learners. When students feel a genuine connection with their teachers, they are more likely to seek guidance and support, improving overall academic performance.

6. Enhancing Academic Performance

A positive mindset and a nurturing classroom environment directly impact academic performance. When students feel emotionally supported and engaged, they are more receptive to learning. Positive morning talks set the stage for a day filled with enthusiasm for knowledge and a desire to excel. Students’ academic achievements will improve as they grow more confident and enthusiastic about their abilities.

As educators, let’s embrace the practice of positive talk morning meetings, recognizing their profound impact on our student’s overall growth and well-being. By dedicating just a few minutes each morning to these uplifting gatherings, we create a space where students can thrive, learn, and develop into confident, empathetic individuals ready to conquer the world.

Let me hear from you, what are ways you build positivity in your classroom?



Positive Talk Morning Meetings Activities for Upper Elementary Students

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