Prepping for a Substitute Teacher in Upper Elementary

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Prepping for a Substitute Teacher

Stepping into the shoes of a regular classroom teacher can be quite challenging for a substitute, especially without proper guidance and resources. For educators in upper elementary, ensuring that the substitute teacher can maintain a productive and orderly classroom in their absence is paramount. 

This involves careful planning and preparation. A well-organized substitute binder and pre-planned activities can help ensure a successful day for both the substitute teacher and the students.

Prepping for a Substitute Teacher in Upper Elementary

Prepping for a Substitute Teacher with the Indispensable Sub Binder

  1. Basic Information: Include a brief overview of your class, noting any pertinent details about students, schedules, and routines. A classroom and school map can also be beneficial for navigation and familiarization.
  2. Class List and Seating Chart: Provide a current class list and seating chart, ensuring the substitute can easily manage attendance and learn student names.
  3. Important Contacts: List crucial contacts like the school office, neighboring teachers, and specialists who can assist the substitute in an emergency or need.
  4. Behavior Management: Outline your classroom management and discipline plan, spotlighting any specific challenges and offering strategies that work with particular students.
  5. Medical Information: Include a section on students’ allergies, medications, or any specific medical needs, ensuring the substitute is prepared to handle any health-related scenarios.
  6. Daily Schedule and Procedures: Detail the day-to-day schedule, including break times, lunch, specials, and any routines that are part of the regular school day.
  7. Lesson Plans: Even though a substitute might bring their own lesson plan, providing a comprehensive lesson plan for the day(s) you’ll be away is essential.
  8. Emergency Procedures: Clearly outline the evacuation routes and explain the procedures for lockdowns and other emergencies.

Prepping for a Substitute Teacher with Engaging Activities

I love having all my lessons planned out so my students don’t miss a beat. I usually do a thematic day of activities so my students can stay engaged in learning and have fun. Over the years I have created an extensive collection of activities and tools to help me when I need a substitute.

I have created a variety of Themed Sub Plans. Some of my favorite themed Sub Tubs are: Space Theme, Camp Theme and Board Games Themed. Each of these bundles include: Reading, Writing, Poetry, Math, Extension Activities, and Forms to use when you need a guest teacher in your class.

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Here are some other ideas that you should include in your sub plans. Most of these activities are included in my themed lessons.

  1. Reading Comprehension Passages: This is a wonderful opportunity for students to read comprehension passages with questions. Using a variety of genres is also a bonus! Let’s not forget to integrate science and other subjects so students can learn and cover multiple subjects.
  2. Grammar Activities: This is a great opportunity for students to review any grammar skills such as idioms, adjectives, sentence writing.
  3. Poetry Writing: Have students write poetry, read Mentor Poetry Texts and Poetry Analysis
  4. Math Lessons: Color By Code, Math Review Word Problems
  5. Read-Alouds and Independent Reading: Leave a selection of books, along with prompts and questions for discussions or reflective writing, that are appropriate to the grade level.
  6. Writing Prompts: Supply a set of writing prompts, offering choices that cater to the diverse interests of students, sparking their creativity and keeping them engaged.
  7. Worksheets and Puzzle Challenges: Provide worksheets that reinforce recently taught material, or include educational puzzles like crosswords, word searches, or math puzzles to challenge students in an enjoyable way..
  8. Feedback Form: Insert a simple feedback form for the substitute to fill out, providing insights into how the day went, what was accomplished, and any issues that may have arisen.

Here is a sample of the inside of my sub plans

The goal is to create an environment where learning continues seamlessly, even in your absence. Providing a comprehensive sub binder and a range of engaging pre-planned activities ensures that the substitute teacher is well-equipped to foster a positive and productive learning environment. This preparation supports the substitute teacher and ensures consistency and continuity for your students, thereby maintaining the rhythm of learning and development.


Prepping for a Substitute Teacher in Upper Elementary


Prepping for a Substitute Teacher in Upper Elementary

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